The Biminaawzogin Regional Aboriginal Women's Circle
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Over the last twenty-five years, local Aboriginal women's groups have formed in various communities throughout Simcoe county and Northern York Region. Some of these groups became incorporated as non-profit organizations and in a few cases have been able to access funding primarily to deliver pre-school and prenatal programs to women and children. Other groups have chosen to be less structured and focus their efforts on providing a supportive environment for women to socialize and participate in community functions. Since their interception, local Aboriginal women's Groups in the region have struggled to survive. Without question, they are the most under resourced Aboriginal agencies in the non-profit sector.

Based on this reality, the Biminaawzogin Regional Aboriginal Women's Circle (BRAWC) formed a regional body in recognition of the need and advantages of working more closely together, sharing information and collaborating as a strong unified voice on issues of common concern.

Our objectives are:

  • To provide and operate supportive residential housing, programs and services for Aboriginal women at risk, in crisis or in transition in order to build healthy, economic independent lives
  • To provide initiatives that will assist and support vulnerable Aboriginal women and their families to build lives free from violence, abuse and poverty
  • To use a holistic approach in providing initiatives that promote personal growth, training, education for the social advancement of disadvantaged Aboriginal women and their families
  • To provide initiatives that will assist at risk Aboriginal women on their journeys to achieving mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness
  • To provide a voice and a place in the circle for all Aboriginal women to discuss issues of common concern and share information.  

The Biminaawzogin Regional Aboriginal Women's Circle (BRAWC) was established in 2000 as a regional body composed of Aboriginal women's organizations and individual Aboriginal women's located across Simcoe Country and northern York region. BRAWC was incorporated in 2006 and our mission is: "embracing the teachings of our ancestors and our gifts, we will support our women and women's organizations working together as a unified voice to empower and promote healthy women, families and communities".

The name Biminaawzogin was given by an Elder, signifying the carrying role that women have in their families and communities.